Laubach Literacy Council Notes

November 2017


Here we are at the end of 2017 and it has been another successful year for the Laubach mission. That success is due to all of the wonderful tutors who gave so much of their time and skill so that others can learn to speak, write, and read English.


There have been a few changes this year. For one thing, we have some new members on the Board of Directors. The Board member email addresses are on the About Us page of our website:



Lana Smith


Vice President: (new)

William Erickson



Sally DiVecchio


Recording Secretary: (new)

Tami Barker-Sutter

Center Director

Representative (acting):

Nancy Anderson


Membership Chair:

Chris Phillips


Director of Training:

Jeannette Moyer



(Grant Writing)

Kathy Abbott


Records Chair:

Jackie Reavey


Webmaster:  (new)

Jack Landau



The Board is still in need of a President-Elect and a Public Relations Chair.  If you are interested or know someone who is, please contact a Board member.


New Website!


Also changed is a new version of the website thanks to Jack Landau, our Webmaster.  For the last few years, our site has had no editing and the material was outdated and incomplete.  We encourage you to take a look at the website and give us your thoughts or comments regarding it, as we hope to make it as complete and accurate as possible. Please check it out:


Note that the e-mail addresses of the members of the Board of Directors are included on the website.  Please contact them with any problems, needs, or questions.  The Board wants to hear from the tutors.  Your input is extremely valuable as we make our way through each year in fulfilling our duty of oversight.


Book Orders


Some sites are still without coordinators so those tutors who are in need of books can contact any Board member for the time being to arrange for book orders.


Valley Center Site Needs Tutors


We have a list of 20 people in Valley Center who need ESL tutoring.  There is one class of 19 people fearlessly being taught by Barbara Emson, but she must limit that class now, as space is simply not available for other learners. If you are able to help, please contact her.


Portrait of Dr. Ross

“Thank You” To Our Very Special Dr. Charles Ross


Many of you know that Dr. Charles Ross has retired from his Laubach activities.  He spent so many years building up this organization, and we are all eternally grateful for his efforts.  He has been recovering from an illness and he indicates that he is doing much better.  We wish him a quick return to health. His constant care for the Laubach family will be greatly missed.


Monthly Numbers Reporting 

Dr. Ross teaching and enjoying it!


Although it may seem to be a nuisance to report monthly to Nancy Anderson, it is really important that we provide the County Library with those figures. As you know, they are our partners and we receive much support and assistance from them. Please help us by being timely in submitting reports to Nancy.


Why Step Up And Be A Center Director And An Independent Center?


There is an important benefit to being your own Center.  By doing so, and having your own Center account, your Center can receive matching funds.  For example, if someone donates $25 to your Center, your Center can then receive an additional $25 by way of matching funds. You can receive total matching funds of $1,000 per year.

Gretchen Bitterlin


Two New Tutor Trainers Have Joined LLCSDC


We welcome to our professional training team Gretchen Bitterlin and Bryan Hicks.  Both have a tremendous amount of experience and expertise in the field of training and tutoring ESL.


When many of our tutors went through training, the emphasis was on tutoring individuals with very little in the way of English skills.  Many learners now come to us with some English speaking ability so the training no longer emphasizes the very basic techniques of teaching ESL only, but now incorporates the use of texts and materials that fit the more advanced levels as well.

Bryan Hicks


Send Photos And Submissions For The Website And/Or Newsletter


We thought that a Newsletter might not be needed and had just about thrown out the idea, but have reconsidered it because we feel it really does have a place in our organization and our webmaster tells us it is a simple matter to attach one periodically to the website.


So, if you have photos of your class (if your learners agree to have their photos on the website), or you have stories to tell, ideas to share, or successes to publish, send those to any Board member.  We have a few people who have indicated an interest in acting as Newsletter Editor so we hope that we will have one soon.


Arlene Atkinson Moved To Nevada


Those of you who have been with Laubach for many years remember Arlene and know the depth of her service to LLCSDC. Her wisdom and skill are greatly missed.


Arlene, at her farewell luncheon, is third from the left (front row) with Charles Ross to her right and her husband to her left.