Nondiscrimination Statement

LLCSD, Inc., by this statement makes it expressly known that it adheres to a strict policy of zero tolerance with regard to any discrimination or disrespectful behavior towards Laubach learners, tutors or other volunteers.  Further, such behavior will result in cancellation of Laubach certification, the right to tutor Laubach learners and/or represent themselves in any way as part of the Laubach LLCSD, Inc. organization.  This policy applies to all tutors and all other volunteers of Laubach Literacy Council of San Diego County, Inc.



Although LLCSDC insurance covers tutors “when doing business (i.e. tutoring),” it is Laubach’s policy that the board discourages tutoring in tutor or learner’s home. Tutoring should be held only in public places. Tutoring cannot take place  without the completion of and cleared background check of the tutor.


Driving Students

Laubach carries general liability insurance that is not auto insurance.  Any transportation of students is not covered under the policy.  Therefore, tutors should not provide transportation in any form for students.  LLCSDC will not be responsible for the consequences of the violation of this policy.