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To Become a Laubach Volunteer Tutor
  • Call or email Center Director in your area.
  • Visit one of the centers listed under "Where We Are".
  • Enroll in the next available training.
  • Welcome to our community of dedicated volunteers who love what we do.
Job Description: English as a Second Language Tutor
To help non-English-speaking adults 18 years or older learn to speak, understand, read, and write English in order to meet their self-identified goals.

Encourage and support the learners by:
  • helping them develop confidence and a positive attitude about learning
  • respecting them and involving them in decisions about the learning process
  • selecting adult materials and approaches that are suitable for the learnersí ability and needs
  • supporting them and praising them for their efforts rather than criticizing them
  • guiding them in adopting behavior appropriate to this culture
  • meeting regularly and punctually
Be well prepared and design lessons based on the needs and interests of the learners.
Review with the learners any work they have done independently.
Keep records of each learnerís progress.
Complete monthly program reports.
Notify the center director of any change in tutoring schedule.

Place of Work
Libraries, churches, or work sites.

Meetings with learners once or twice a week, for about 2 hours each time.
One to two hours per week preparing lessons.

Length of Commitment
A minimum of nine months.

A 16-hour English as a Second Language workshop series or a combination of mentored tutor supervision and on-the-job training and/or on-line computer based tutor training instruction.
Periodic local, county, or on-line "In-Service" workshops are given.

Volunteer Qualifications
Be dependable and prompt.
Be able to relate well to a variety of people and appreciate diverse cultures and their richness.
Be willing to maintain the confidentiality of the lessons.
Have good listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills.
  • Be flexible
  • Be friendly
  • Be patient
  • Be optimistic
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have a good sense of humor
Fringe Benefits
  • Altered perception of the world
  • Increased understanding and appreciation of different values, cultures, and lifestyles
  • Increased skill in creative problem solving

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